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We are an independently working car brokerage providing multitudes of car-related services. Headquartered in Adelaide, Transmit Auto Brokerage set out on its expedition ten years back. From the day we established, our premium quality and integrity values have gained our company a reliable reputation among Australians. Till now, innumerable individuals have utilised our services and persist in doing so for affordable and quality services.

We intend to show instead of telling that’s why we pour all our efforts into work, hiring the best staff with flair and qualification, developing networks within the automotive industry and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Our Car Broker and Repair Services

We render broker services, entailing new and used cars buying and purchasing, servicing and repair while linking you with various car financiers and insurance companies.

We deal with all kinds of car problems; our expert staff knows the drill and endeavour to save your time, money and energy with their professional knowledge and experience. Transmit Auto Brokerage has a whole team dedicated to you, which sees your needs and assists you throughout the process. Our friendly team even provide consultation. So if you are unsure between want and need, brands and models or perhaps other accessories, we can guide you step by step to reach your wheel.

We work two ways; buying and selling. Car buying requires professional information and tactics to score a top-level car. At Transmit Auto Brokerage, we know when and where to strike for an exquisite result. Whereas selling your vehicle is a different story. We sell your auto for you upon your request, or we buy it ourselves. Our strong trait of integrity never fails you, ensuring an honest valuation and inspection ran by our skilled staff.

Convenient Car Purchasing and Selling Processes

The process is quite straight forward and convenient. You haven’t already decided; you can seek a consultation to go through a detailed comparative analysis of each brand, model, and price feasible for your needs. Upon concluding, request a quote, and our team will answer immediately, scoring a car for you at the best price. While selling a car, share the primary auto data beforehand for a rough estimate. The next step is then to evaluate the car’s worth and its condition. We ensure a fair price and customer satisfaction before making our way out.

The servicing and repair services help retain the vehicle’s original condition and smooth functioning. Timely maintenance and repairing save from several ifs to come.

Our widespread dealer network gives Australians access to a range of leading automobile brands. Rest assured, we bridge your gaps with the following top-notch International automobile manufacturers Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Kia, Mazda and Isuzu. We secure these top-notch international automotive brands at the best affordable price through our networks because we understand and care for your needs.

How the Transmit Auto Brokerage Evolved

Before our magnificent establishment, we were your local go-to motor servicing and repair workshop in Adelaide. As time changed, we also evolved however our values and objectives stayed the same. Cars have always been our passion; thus, we shook hands with passion-driven and devoted people who work with excellence, streamlining your otherwise stressful car experience. With a professional team, industry wisdom, convenient processes, and competitive pricing, we are a class on our own. Our unparalleled outcome speaks for itself that we are second to none.


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