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Now, we, and many other people, can give you plenty of cases for why you should get a second-hand car. But, we can help you in each of those cases and at any time because we are South Australia’s finest car brokers.

If you think of owning a car, you should ask yourself the first question: ‘pre-owned or not’. Pre-owned or second-hand vehicles are much cheaper – and sometimes significantly so – than their new or first-hand siblings.

And it is not even a rule that the less it costs, the less reliable it is, or rather, the more it has the owner used it up. On the contrary, while the car’s lifespan is essential for most, the value loss is almost instantaneous after the dealer or manufacturer hands the keys over for some brands, makes, and models.

With this intricate web of strange and conflicting information, you would be better off learning the ins and outs of the second-hand market, along with some courses on consumer psychology. Or you could contact us and allow us to help and guide you through this to make your car buying experience all the more convenient and comfortable.

Cars lose out a good bit of their value through depreciation or ‘usage’, so that is one reason why the price is so low. However, with some replacement parts and a bit or a lot of elbow grease, you can ‘flip’ that car and return a good portion of its value in the process. And there are quite a few vehicle flippers out there, so it is even a viable and profitable source of employment.

The other reason is, while less reasonable, it is still helpful in our case, that people value ‘being the first’ far too much. So any rational person can take advantage of that and get a good car, with a lot left in it, because the flashiness has worn away.

However, reliable automobiles do not suffer much from this last point. And we recommend choosing them over stylistic ones – although if it is what you want, then it is what you will get.

Now, second-hand cars sometimes get a bad rap from people. Often they complain that some features or decorations may be missing, or they did not get enough kilometres from the car before it broke down and needed repairs.

Yet, these complaints are usually from people who – unlike us – are unaware of the criteria and conditions to check for when searching for a good-deal automobile. We make sure to gather all necessary details and give all the noise that clouds the deal the ol’ Aussie salute.

Outside of a friendly gift from a loved one, we can get you a reliable vehicle at the lowest price possible. And we give you our guarantee that you will be satisfied with the price, the car, and our service.

So, please contact us and fill in the form to start the next chapter of your car-owning experience.


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