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Transmit Auto Brokerage is Adelaide’s most exceptional in brokering the lowest rates from some of the most reputable licensed lenders from across Australia.

We have had a lot of Australians use our business. And we have just as many happy customers who were and are satisfied with the car financing option they received.

We work diligently with our trusted third-party partners to give you the right option for your situation. And we make sure all our partners are excellent in their own right and can give you what you need and deserve.

We forward only the required details to them to move the loan business along, and we make sure that your data will be safe and secure when you use our and their services.

As is self-evident to nearly everybody, a car is an impeccably empowering thing to own. The statuses, the businesses – the independence alone makes ownership a worthy endeavour. And we at Transmit Auto Brokerage believe that every Australian that wants to, and every Australian needs to, deserves a good quality car. One that is first and foremost reliable – and a tad luxurious, depending on their personality. And at a cost that does not take an arm, a leg, their hair, and their happiness while leaving them with more grief, stress, and misery than would be healthy.
We always go the extra kilometre for our customers in everything we do. Connecting them with fitting car financing is no different, and because of our grade-A+ network, we can do just that and a bit more.

Our partners are licensed lenders, and they are trusted lenders, ready and waiting to give you work with you fixing up a payment plan for your next car that works for you. And speaking of vehicles, as one can see from our store and catalogue, we have great deals on all sorts of automobiles. With our partners and us combined, we form a formidable team of people that will fit you with the right car at a reasonable price. And you can do so without any more hassle than entering your details into a short and concise form.

Matching Australians with the best cars and the best loans has been a phenomenal experience. And we are grateful to help more people own cars without breaking the bank or a sweat.

Our lending partners provide an excellent array of perks and privileges, including, but not limited to:

• upfront and transparent fee structures,
• a choice of secured or unsecured loans,
• fixed interest rates,
• terms as long as you need,
• and any balloon or lump-sum payments you want to make.

You can use our comparison calculator to calculate your dream car financing terms and conditions. You can do this before, during, or after discussing with our partners and us about your future finance option. Or you can play around with it to give you a rough estimate of how it all works. You have free reign with it, and we are more than happy to help you with this journey wherever and whenever you feel most comfortable and convenient.

And please do contact us if you have any doubts, questions, comments, and concerns regarding any stage of this procedure. Whether it is about the types of options you have or what to look out for when buying a car, our team has you covered.

We are not lenders ourselves; we are brokers – an auto brokerage, to be specific. As car brokers, we live and breathe for our customers, so we are inherently incentivised to get you the best deal possible, whether for driving cars or financing them.

And we have been in the business so long that we have a treasure trove worth of knowledge and experience. All collected and concentrated, to serve you better and better deals than our competitors.

So if you want to start owning a car and gain the independence to drive anywhere and everywhere you want, please contact us or fill in the form to get you behind the wheel.

The financial network we established with our partners has been a thrilling experience for us and a net gain for car lovers all around Australia. Because of it, we have a deep well of information to guide you through the process and more than enough bargaining power to negotiate through any reasonable terms and conditions with our trusted third-party lenders.

And we are not one-trick ponies. We can help you wherever you buy your car, or whichever type you choose. Whether it be a first-hand brand new deluxe model from a luxury brand or a second-hand model focused more on substance than flash. And while we base ourselves in Adelaide, you can be anywhere in Australia, and we can reach you and serve you the car you choose at the lowest price, as you so deserve.

Here at Transmit Auto Brokerage, we believe in a simple and elegant design. And we think that the first step, the step before it and the steps after it should follow that principle to the hilt.

And we are happy that we have followed through because this process is both straightforward and intuitive. So you do not need a manual and a half to ask for a car loan.

First, our partners need your details to start the loan application. You can send them in whichever way you feel most comfortable in, either:
1. through direct contact with an agent,
2. or through our online form.

Once it begins, you will have a dedicated guide to help you with all the necessary details and information. Our agents are guaranteed to be top of the line and answer any questions you hand them about your financing options.

Then you will need to discuss and iron out the details of the loan agreement itself. We will cover the rates, instalments, terms, the security and structure of the loan, working on it to fit you and your budget, and many more items.

We do this to ensure everything is defined and no further hassle or argument comes forth. And we will also inform you in advance to hand in any necessary additional documents depending on the loan you choose.

After this assessment and your satisfaction with every particular, we will send it to the partners for their approval. And if so, you will be one step closer to owning your dream car.


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