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Chattel Mortgage

The What

We strive to inform our customers about the types of loans they can have. To suit your situation better and give them the most benefit for each dollarydoo you spend with our financier partners and us.

Suppose you or your company need a loan for a ute, a truck, or any vehicle model. Or an automobile whose primary function is to transport goods, industrial, lab, or general business equipment from location to location. In any related case, may we interest you in our partners’ chattel mortgages?

Chattel mortgages are the auto finance industry’s answer to the needs of businesses, companies, and firms. These lending agreements allow the borrower to use the assets, e.g., the vehicles, while mortgaging the item, so the lender has financial security.

In such an agreement, the debtor still pays interest as ‘normal’ loans and leases request. However, the vehicular asset is for them to use for their business as they please if they pay the agreed-upon payments at the relevant times.

If the creditor believes that the borrower cannot repay the loan, then the item will return to the lender – which is what a mortgage is. The ‘chattel’ bit is where the movability of the property comes into play since, as we all
know, we made cars so we could drive cars.

You can form understandable and reasonable payment plans with our partners that fit your situation rather than someone else’s. And there are many diverse advantages to using our partners’ chattel mortgages, including the following.

• Ownership
You may think that this policy sounds a bit like renting, and you would be right to a degree. The borrower makes use of the asset while they financially compensate the original lending owner for said use.

The difference, however, comes from the fact that ownership eventually transfers from the owner to the user. In this case, from our partners to you or your company.

• Tax Deductions
Note: you should always be aware of tax advice you get from non-government certified sources or professional accountants and accountancy firms.

Paying for a vehicle using chattel mortgages means you do not have to pay any Goods and Services Tax (GST). And paying interest counts as deductions on your Business Activity Statement (BAS).

• Lower Rates Relative to Typical Loans
Since the mortgage secures the asset for the lender if the borrower is unable to make any repayments, this state of events lowers the risk for the lending owner.

The reduced risk means our partners can afford to offer lower interest rates for you than a standard loan.

• Flexibility
This boon also comes from the mortgage and its security. With our help and your budget, you can craft and negotiate a long term payment strategy that works for you and your trade.

We, and our partners, support business. Both of us strive to aid our customers’ operations in providing Australians with goods and services – while acquiring profits along the way.

Chattel mortgages are the foremost way for Australian businesses to own cars necessary to ‘do business. And our partners are likewise the leading lending companies to do business with too!

The Why

Cars and other automobiles are the premier way to transport raw materials, equipment, goods, and services across Australia. And we are not sure things would be all right going back to horse-drawn carriages, and public infrastructure would take a long way to build up. So, fundamentally, the car is your best option over here, the land down under.

Chattel Mortgages are the best way to get business wheels outside of a costly direct upfront purchase. They are well suited and designed for businesses, companies, and firms to use autos and transport their necessities to where they need them without breaking the bank.

We are not lenders, but we are exceptional car brokers. We can spot a good deal on a good car a mile away, and we make them all the time for our customers. We can discuss any vehicle you so desire, whether it is a truck, a ute, or any other one you need to start or smoothen your business.

We can help you acquire the lowest rates with the help of our lending partners, whom we, and a whole load of fellow Australians, recommend with full honours and trust. They also offer many other types of loans, so please get in touch with us to explore your options, even if only to ask about them.

The How

The process of getting a chattel mortgage is pretty straightforward. Though for any possibly bumpy bits along the way, we assign an agent dedicated to your application to ensure it remains that way. Our team are great brokers and are highly experienced, and have guided entrepreneurs and officials from all sorts and sizes of businesses throughout the process many times over.

We can also help you find a suitable car in the first place before, during, or after our partner approves your mortgage – or loan, lease, or whatever you end up using. So we can still save you time, money, effort, and stress by the services we offer directly – and excel at exceptionally.

You can quickly take the first step of this process by contacting us or filling in the form to collect the necessary details of your situation, which we will then forward to our partners.

After that, we discuss all the terms and conditions in definite detail to avoid future confusion and ensure everything goes swimmingly for all parties involved. We recommend that you structure the loan to fit you and your schedule and financial situation not to miss any payments. More importantly, however, so you do not feel like the loan payments are in any way a burden.

We will inform you that the lenders may need any additional documentation for any specifics of the loan agreement. And you can trust and expect us to be transparent throughout the process because we will be, and we have been so.

After we have finished discussing and finalising the loan agreement, along with any necessary documentation, we will forward it to our third-party partners. And at that point, all that would leave is their approval, and then you are good to go on getting your vehicle of choice.


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