Transmit car brokers give you easy access to Holden cars. Holden, previously known as General Motors-Holden, is a former Australian automotive car brand owned by General Motors and a former automobile manufacturer that produced cars in Australia before switching to importing cars under the Holden name. Its headquarters is in Port Melbourne. Holden designs, manufacture, and sells vehicles such as the Commodore, Captiva, and Cruze worldwide, especially in Australia, where it has over 300 dealerships.

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Here’s our list of the 7 Holdens we think are worth gathering right now. Some have already started to appreciate, although the newest is only in the early stages of decline.

• Torana A9X hatch
• E.J. Premier
• LC Torana GTR XU-1
• HQ Statesman DeVille
• HQ Monaro GTS 350 Coupe
• HDT VK S.S. group A Commodore

Features of holden car

Australia’s automotive culture is impressive and unique. Holden cars of Australia have produced iconic and influential vehicles that combine independent style, somewhat European and American-informed V6 and V-8 power, without any hampering with too zealous pollution control.

Safety feature

For all auto manufacturers, safety should be the first concern. Holden also worked on its safety features and has the following features for safety :
• Electronic stability control
Vehicles equipped with ESC have 32 per cent fewer single-vehicle collisions and 58 percent fewer rollover crashes that end in injuries to the driver. Single vehicle and rollover accidents are reduced with the help of ESC.
Following are the ways that ESC can assist a driver in maintaining control:
1. Oversteering and understeering correction
2. Keeping the vehicle stable
3. The increasing grip on slick or frozen surfaces
• Lane keeps assisting
With the same technology as Lane Departure Alert, Lane Keep Assist uses an additional feature. The characteristic will guide you back to your lane if you do not take action; however, the machine can disconnect when the sensor is in service.


When you purchase a Holden car, you are covered with their two years/50,000 km warranty. Within this warranty time of 2 years, they will provide free maintenance with approved and genuine holden parts and accessories.


They have a good reputation for manufacturing and supplying fantastic vehicles – and the designing team has played an essential role in delivering product in the G.M. global automotive design programme.

Holden HQ range with such a great appearance still belongs to Australia’s most delicate designs.

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