We have teamed up with Australia’s most distinguished insurance providers, with the best policies at the lowest premiums available.

Insurance consists of paying a company a ‘premium’ every year. We take these so that if you incur a disaster or otherwise have an accident, it does not ruin us. And we can claim enough money to bounce back from it and restart and continue your life.

Auto insurance is legally mandatory and generally a good idea to have – even if for peace of mind’s sake. And with our trustworthy third-party partners, you can enjoy that calm while protecting you, your car, and anyone else involved in an accident or disaster.

And that last point is key to understanding why people use insurance and make sure to get it. If any disaster occurs to your car while driving, parking, or if you are in it or not, an insurance provider will cover charges financially. Meaning the event would not further burden you with the costs of repairing, replacing, or recuperating from it.

We care about our customers and our fellow Australians deeply. Insurance is simply the best way to recover from such events and move on to brighter days. And might we add again that our partners are trusted Australia-wide for their performance.

A car is not a toy, but neither is it an inherent danger. Cars are necessary for many Australian commutes, travels, and general trips from one place to the next. For many Australians, cars are a way of life, but they can be deadly if misused.

There are tons of things that can go wrong when owning a car, from crashes to explosions and even natural disasters, or simple thefts or malicious interference. Good car insurance can help you in any of these situations by financially compensating you to remain financially healthy.

And be sure not to accept any insurance policy willy nilly. While you can trust our partners, you should make sure to read and agree upon a definite list of included and excluded events. So, you prepare yourself for any reasonable risk and more.

And you may still think paying the premiums is a big ask compared to your safe and secure driving style. In that case, let us introduce you to our partners’ policy of the ‘no claims discount’. Or, as people more commonly call them, the ‘no-claim bonus’.

It is a partial reward or refund for insured drivers that drive safely, follow the safety guidelines, and make no claims for insurance. So, if you do not use their services, the company offers you lower rates in return. A win-win in our book, and we hope so with yours too.

Our partners are an excellent insurance company that many Australians use for their auto insurance and are more than satisfied with what they serve. We are more than happy to partner with them to provide you with a definite and transparent level of auto insurance that you deserve.

And if you are looking for an automobile to go with that insurance, we recommend our top-of-the-line services. We guarantee our delightful and kind team will get you the car you expect, at the price you hope.

Instant Asset Write Off

Instant Asset Write-off: an income tax initiative set by the Australian government to help small – and medium-sized businesses maintain, sustain and expand their operation and growth.

Now, this is no direct subsidy, and one can argue that the benefit is not financial at all. But, in basic terms, the company or the companies accountants’ write off all the deductible depreciation they would get off an asset in the first year of use.

Suppose a thousand dollar box of stationary lost $100 of value each year due to depreciation until it is worth nothing. You can write off that 100 dollars in the ‘typical’ case, and you have to pay that much less income tax for that year. With Instant Asset Write Off, you could write off the whole thousand dollars in the year it was used/bought.

Though there has to be a catch, and yes, there are a few of them. The scheme covers only ‘depreciable assets’, including, but not limited to, I.T. hardware, kitchen equipment, stationery, A.C. units, and, importantly for us, vehicles. See the government webpage for a comprehensive list of what they do and don’t allow to be written off under this initiative.

However, the maximum dollar limit changes from year to year. For example, it was A.U. $20-30k beforehand, but for the year ending June 30, 2021, the limit is a staggering 150,000 Australian dollars. If the government deems it necessary, they may extend this target for the following cycle.

While we are speaking of catches, there are plenty of them for cars and other vehicles too. Both the usage percentage for business and the number of passengers factor in what is allowed or not. You can only write off 75% of the value if you use it 75% of the time for business, for example.

So, if you need a ute to move work stuff, like trade tools, and the vehicle is below the maximum dollar limit, you can write its entire value in the same year.

We can help get you that ute or any other car/vehicle, and we can do it exceptionally. We are South Australia’s best brokerage firm: in the chill, hilly city of Adelaide. We guarantee that if you ask for a quote, you will get the best price possible. And that last fact is helpful since you still have to buy the items with your own money.

But, if you need a loan to take full advantage of the scheme, may we interest you in getting a chattel mortgage? Businesses across Australia frequently use it, and since they have work-usage requirements, they may be mutually beneficial. So if you are interested, then read about it or contact us.

Also, please do note that none of this is proper tax advice. All we mean to do is inform you and spread awareness of this ingenious tax policy the Australian government concocted. Ask your accountant(s) for a proper explanation and a list of included items that will be useful in your situation.

Also, one final note though it is touching on a previous point again, the write-off is not free money, but it may be extra capital. The standard rules of business do still apply, so please be prudently cautious with your investments and spending.


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