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Isuzu Motors Ltd is based in Tokyo; they are a Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturer. Their primary business is to manufacture, market, and sell Isuzu commercial vehicles and diesel engines. In most commercial markets around the world, Isuzu vehicles are available. Isuzu focuses on commercial diesel-powered trucks, cars, and manufacturing, while Yanmar, a Japanese rival, focuses on commercial-level power plants and generators.

Isuzu Australia set a new annual sales record of 27,640 vehicles in 2018, exceeding a target of 10 years of continuous development to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in Australia since its establishment in 2008. Isuzu has 140 plus dealers in Australia.

Wide product lineup

Isuzu not only manufactures cars. It also manufactures the following products:

Commercial vehicles
engine components
industrial diesel engines

The most famous cars of Isuzu in Australia :
Isuzu FTR
Isuzu Bellett
Isuzu Florian
Isuzu FSD

Why Isuzu

Fuel efficiency

Several architecture secrets and cutting-edge technology aid the vehicle’s fuel economy. For example, their vehicle’s aerodynamic body designs were evaluated in Japan’s bullet train wind tunnels to achieve optimal aerodynamics and minimum drag.

The Isuzu turbo-diesel engine uses a super high-pressure standard rail fuel system and an innovative Variable Geometry System (VGS), and a turbocharger to provide full power by consuming the least amount of fuel. It is the most significant component. Furthermore, an intuitive 6-speed automatic transmission keeps you in the right gear and saves your money on gas.


The cars and trucks of Isuzu are solid and reliable because of their innovative engineering. Moreover, they are designed to survive some of the world’s most challenging conditions and terrains, making them a smart option if you need a vehicle that can withstand you in any situation.


Isuzu cars are known for excellent reliability and long service life, providing a warranty of 6 years/150,000km on any new vehicle.

Roadside assistance

With the roadside assistance program, you will enjoy up to 7 years of carefree motoring, ensuring that you are covered in your journey for unforeseen bumps. It is available in all Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X series for eligible customers.

Isuzu service plus

The service plus is the loyalty of Isuzu to its customers. It’s an all-inclusive service kit that gives you complete peace of mind and eliminates any unpleasant surprises when it comes to repairing and servicing your vehicle.

Isuzu cars and trucks have many benefits. They have always cared for their clients and the sustainability of their companies, and they recognise that the quality of a company’s vehicles will determine its success or failure.
That is why they created the award-winning customer support network. The above article shows the facts about Isuzu cars. If it’s your dream car, then fulfil your dream with transmit car brokers.


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