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Kia Corporation is a multinational automobile company based in Seoul, South Korea. Over 2.8 million vehicles were sold in 2019, and it is South Korea’s second-largest car manufacturer after its parent firm Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai owns a controlling interest in the Kia Corporation, with a 33.88 per cent stake estimated at just over US$6 billion as of December 2015.
Kia is a minority shareholder in over twenty Hyundai branches, with stakes ranging from 4.9 % to 45.37 % and a combined value of over US$8.3 billion. Kia is a trustworthy brand for cars. In total, RepairPal rates give Kia 4.0 out of 5.0 and rank third in terms of reliability out of 32 brands.

Names of most famous KIA cars :

If there is an award for the best automaker company, Kia would probably be awarded. Following are the most famous models of KIA.

• KIA K900
• Niro Ev
• KIA Telluride
• KIA K5
• KIA Sorento
• KIA Forte
• KIA Stinger

Benefits of buying a KIA car :

Advance technology

Kia’s UVO technology guides users to the information that matters most to them inside the Optima, the Sorento, and all other models. This is due to features such as:

• Maintenance reminders
It helps you to check the maintenance plans, schedule, diagnosis, health report and many more
• Navigation system
With the help of a navigation system, you can use the UVO eServices software on your phone to plan your route and send the details to your car when you’re ready to go.
• Parking minder
With this impressive feature, you’ll never forget where you left your car again. Allow the app to monitor your car’s location and send you directions when you’re ready to go.


Kia is recognised for providing one of the most robust new car warranties in the industry. With these features:
• Roadside Assistance Plan for 5 Years and 60,000 Miles
• Limited Basic Warranty for five years/60,000 miles
• Limited Powertrain Warranty: 10 Years/100,000-Miles
• Limited Anti-Perforation Warranty of 5 years/100,000-miles
Kia also has a convenient interruption policy for guarantee maintenance over 150 miles from home. If service lasting more than 24 hours is required for the car, the owners can call the Consumer Assistance Center to refund the reasonable costs associated with the time period. The help is useful for food, accommodation and car rental up to $100 a day.

Car insurance policy

Get your KIA car insurance done by transmitting car brokers .as. Per the KIA car insurance policy, the policy ensures that your car has been restored with authentic Kia parts by the Kia approved body shop and guarantees you a courtesy car during the maintenance of your Kia.

With Kia automobiles starting at $13,900 MSRP, it’s easy to see why more people choose to drive a Kia, and you should too. You can schedule a test drive of your favourite Kia car with Transmit car brokers.
By reading the above article, you can easily understand the facts about KIA cars.


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