Once Mitsubishi’s star has fallen from the motoring industry in recent years due to its popular sports cars. The Mitsubishi Mirage has been essential and fairly transportable but gives little frills, while Outlander and Outlander Sport SUVs do more of the same on a broader scope.

In the cup-like Eclipse Cross SUV, there are many signs of the world. Mitsubishi’s only remaining calling points are affordable prices, a 10-year guarantee and a reputation for durability. We heard some rumbles of a resurrected sports sedan from Lancer Evo, but when we see it, we’ll believe it.

The origins of Mitsubishi can be traced back to 1870. It was initially a shipbuilding company and then spread to many other fields, including coal mines, ships, and even naval insurance. The first car was built in 1917 in Mitsubishi. Christianised as Model A, it was a large, manually-built Fiat Tipo 3-based sedan. However, production was very costly, and only a few were ever produced.

The contract with Chrysler was completed by the end of the 1970s. After that, the American company got involved in selling its low-cost subcompacts instead of rebadging models of others.

Mitsubishi though, for their part, that they wanted more leverage over their U.S. activities. So the best time to make the official debut on the stateside was for the Japanese firm. In 1982, a network of 70 distributors in 22 countries was introduced. Starion and Cordia, and Tredia sedans were the launch lineup.

Some of the latest cars names in Australia:
• Mitsubishi Mirage.
• Mitsubishi ASX.
• Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.
• Mitsubishi Outlander/Outlander PHEV.
• Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.
• Mitsubishi Pajero

Benefits of buying Mitsubishi cars:

Fantastic engineering

The Mitsubishi brand is proud to be at the forefront of technological milestones. Some provide All-Wheel Control, which tracks the road and moves electricity intelligently to the most traction wheels. It increases protection and handling!

Mitsubishi has MIVEC Engine Technology for optimum fuel efficiency. Optimising the valve time MIVEC generates maximal power and fuel efficiency. These are just a handful of Mitsubishi’s technical achievements.

An Automotive History

Mitsubishi has been in the market since 1917 with a reputation for innovation and never sacrifices elegance for efficiency, ranging from the Mitsubishi Mode A to the fuel-efficient, award-winning and stunning 2017 vehicles.
You can understand why the Mitsubishi brand has been trusted for so much time when you come to look at an extensive range of Mitsubishi cars for San Antonio.

Great Guarantee

You also depart San Antonio with your current Mitsubishi with a 10-year/100,000-mile extended warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile limited new car guaranteed. In addition, for the next five years, you can receive assistance along the route. Mitsubishi is here to say they; re not just initial sales for you for a long time.

With the PX33 in 1936, Mitsubishi was a pioneer in developing four-wheel drives. Mitsubishi has since developed a stellar reputation for making some of the most challenging four-wheel-drive vehicles in the world. For example, the company won the World Rally Championship with four drivers and one manufacturer.

In addition, the brand has the best of all-time for winning on the famous Paris-Dakar Rally, winning 12 fantastic victories. It is no wonder that Mitsubishi knows how and when to develop an extensive four-wheel-drive system with this kind of summary.


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