Subaru has a long tradition of providing competent and intelligent cars. Whilst the Japanese carmaker first joined the car industry in 1954, America first tasted revolutionary innovation from Subaru in 1968. Subaru 360 was the first ever to be sold in the USA – blatantly advertised as ‘cheap and hideous’ but had the kind of innovation for which Subaru was now famous. A little later, in 1970, the Subaru Star arrived. Fortunately, it looked much better than its predecessor, and yet the practicality, importance and simplicity of Subaru’s offer to consumers remained. Today, Subaru makes safe, functional automobiles with outstanding results, such as the Boxer Engine and the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System, the most effective technology. If it’s a daily journey or an off-road trip, Subaru is always chosen by people.

Names of latest cars of Subaru

• BRZ.
• Forester.
• Impreza.
• Levorg.
• Liberty.
• Outback.
• WRX.
• XV.

Benefits of buying Subaru cars

Electronic EBD distribution

This brake mechanism, in conjunction with the ABS, uses pulse braking to avoid blocking. Electronic Brake Force distribution: EBD applies the force to each vehicle’s wheels “intelligently” and automatically depending on load, speed and road conditions. The Brake Assist framework of Subaru applies the full braking pressure as rapidly as possible.

Vehicle dynamics control (VDC):
The VDC controls the engine and Symmetrical AWD all-in-one traction controls, avoiding skidding and holding the vehicle in its tracks.

All-wheel drive symmetrical

BRZ performance-driven feature on all of the Subaru’s. As opposed to the more standard industrial AWD features, the symmetrical AWD of Subaru is superior, as it’s not suited to a two-wheel drive system. The benefits of this unique device include torque steering preventing fast acceleration, linear application of power to all wheels and maximising stability in poor traffic conditions.

Subaru Boxer Motor

Isuzu cars are known for excellent reliability and long service life, providing a warranty of 6 years/150,000km on any new vehicle.

Fast facts of Subaru Eyesight

• This is a safety kit that includes cutting-edge technology such as pre-collision braking, pre-collision throttle monitoring, adaptive cruise control, car dynamics control, blind-spot warning, and rear cross-traffic warning.
• It is one of the first such safety systems, resulting in both safety and increased expertise of Subaru engineers.
• The number of back-end casualty injuries decreased by up to 85%.


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